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Forklift Tires

Selling cheap forklift tires

CV. Muncul Jaya, Sell Forklifts and Cheap Surabaya Forklift Spare Parts one of which is forklift tires. We sell forklift tires is one type of tire that is specifically designed for heavy equipment and material handling such as forklifts.

We sell forklift spare parts forklift tires with several types, namely dead tires and live tires. Dead tire is a solid tire produced from quality rubber material and without the wind in it. This tire is more durable than any type of life tire, so it can be used for a long lifetime. While life tires are a type of tire that is generally used for vehicles. Life tires rely on wind that is pressed inside the tire with a certain size so that the tire can support the unit load. Life tires are lighter when compared to dead tires, so they are more agile and nimble. Buy through our forklift tires for your forklift with cheap and high quality forklift spare part prices.

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