CV. Muncul Jaya

Battery Forklift

Selling cheap forklift batteries

CV. Muncul Jaya, Sell Forklifts and Cheap Surabaya Forklift Spare Parts that is one forklift battery. We sell forklift or battery batteries which are important components to start the engine and run various other supporting features. Also known as batteries, in addition to motorized vehicles, batteries are also needed for material handling and heavy equipment such as forklifts. Forklift batteries are designed with enough power to enable the engine to drive the unit and the hydraulic system.

Selling cheap forklifts which is one type of material handling that is widely used for industry and warehousing. This product is able to lift and move items with a large enough load. We provide forklift batteries for the Yuasa and GS brands. The battery product is designed with various advantages that can be used for a long service life.

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