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TCM 5 Tons Forkift
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02 Dec 2019
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Specification of TCM 5 Tons Forkift

Sell ​​TCM Forklift 5 Ton

We, forklift suppliers in Surabaya sell TCM 5 Ton cheap forklifts with the following specifications:

Brand / Model: TCM FD50T9

Product Type: Counterbalance

Power Source Engine Model: DieselMITSUBISHI / S6S

Load Capacity: 5 tons / 5,000 kg

Lift Hight: 3,000 mm / Optional

Load Center: 600 mm

Turning Radius: 3,040 mm

Selling New & Used Cheap Forklifts in Surabaya. Also serves Forklift Rental and Service.

A forklift is a moving car or vehicle that has 2 forks that can be used to lift a pallet, or it can also be a freight transport that has two forks mounted on a mast, which serves to lift, move and lower an object from one place to another. another place. Usually the object that is lifted is something that is difficult for ordinary people to lift, and usually the distance is quite far. Regarding how to operate, forklifts can use automatic or manual methods where each has advantages and disadvantages. In terms of its parts the forklift has the main parts including:

- A pair of forks with a length of about 3 meters

- Mast is 2 thick iron that is connected with the hydraulic system and serves for tilting and lifting.

-Have Overhead Guard which is useful for protecting the forklift driver from accidents when lifting or unloading goods. Overhead Guard also protects the driver from falling objects from above, from heat, and also from rain.

-Have a counterweight. Counterweight functions as a load balancer.

Our CV. Muncul Jaya is a forklift company and Foflift spare parts company. For forklift units we provide for sale, rent or rental, and also we provide forklift repair services that are damaged. With the best service, quality units and competent experts make us able to meet your forklift expectations. Immediately contact us for more info.

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